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Freestone D

My fanfic

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-Myles's POV-

Today, at 12 PM, am I going to Jacob Sartorius' VIP Meet And Greet, and I'm so excited! I personally think, that Jacob is the most sexy guy in the world! But oh well, I'm never gonna get him, 'cause he's not into boys. That's a shame.

(11:43 PM)

Mom from downstairs: "Matthew you are gonna be late! Hurry up!!"

Me: "Two seconds mom! I am trying to figure out what to wear!"

Mom to herself: "He's always so slow, it drives me nuts."

Me: "Mooom, I can hear you!!"

Mom: "Sorry honny! But hurry up, we should go now!"

I choose a pair of black, skinny, jeans, a white, oversized hoodie and a blue denim jacket. I run down the stairs, take my shoes on and run out to the car. "Moom, hurry up!" I shout.

My mom comes out of the house, locks the door and goes down to the car. "So now you are hurrying on me?" Says my mom and laughs.

We drive over to the local shopping centre, parks the car and hurry in.

I can see Jacob. But oh no! The line is long!! What if I don't have enough time to talk to him?

I go sad over to the line with my mom.

"The line is pretty long, don't you think? How many have buyed VIP tickets?!" Whispers my mom.

"I don't know.. I'm just affraid I don't have enough time to talk to him.." Answers I. She lays an arm around my shoulder to comfort me a little.

By now, we are the third in line. I'm so excited, like I can't even!

-Jacobs POV-

It has been a very long day today, and I am actually pretty exhausted. But I'm still happy and smiling, so it's gonna be okay.

Oh, the line is not that long anymore! And there comes the one I've been waiting on. Matthew Louis. I've stalked him on Insta, and he's so cute! About 5.9 feet, a big smile, blue eyes and big, brown, wavy curls. Basically perfect.

"Oh hi!" I didn't realize he was right in front of me! Embarrassing. Pull it off, pull it off.

I say "Hi" and gives him a big hug. He seem a little nervous, omg!

"Are you nervous?" Do I say smiling.

"No.. No." Does he say, "Okay, maybe a little.." whispers he.

"You shouldn't be, I don't bite!" I laugh. It seems like that worked, 'cause now is he smiling at me.

"Can.. Can we take a picture? I.. I am a really huge fan!" Does he nervously say.

"Of course, sweetie!" F***! I called him 'sweetie'! Was that dumb?! I look frightened at him.. But he just.. Smiles? What?

He stands with hes phone "Should we take it, or..?" Asks he.

"Yes, sorry. I'm a little nervous my self"

He sticks hes tounge out a little, and so do I. Puff, there's the picture. He hands me a note, and says "Read it afterwards". Afterwards? Why? Hmm, I'm currious. "Okay, I will!" Do I say smiling.

We give each other the last hug, and he walks away.

He's so cuuuute!!

-Myles's POV-

Oh. My. God. That was fantastic! He called me sweetie! Iiih! And I gave him my note as I should. Perfect.

I head home and lays me in my bed.

The clock is now 3 AM, and I am already tired. So I figure out to take a bath.

"Mooom! I'm gonna take a bath, okay?" Do i shout to my mom. "Okay!" Answers she.

I go take my phone, a towel and a pair of black undies, and go into the bathroom. I go to the bathtub and turns on the hot water. I look down at myself. Omg, my dick's stiff like a pole, AHAHAHAH! Jacob makes me so horny, I can't even.

So I take my clothes off, finds the picture of Jacob and I, and sits on the toilet seat. Puts my right hand around my dick and starts to masturbate, like if I had sex with Jacob. It feels fantastic!

I cum so much on my self, that I don't think I have ever cummed so much!

When I'm done, I get into the bathtub, and starts to shower.



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