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    Community Guidelines

    Welcome to Protocol Gaming Forums! 

    We recommend every member reads the following guidelines & rules before making their first contribution. 
    ProtocolGaming is a public space where all are welcome to contribute thoughts, ideas, and to support the forums & server.

    Thanks for joining & hope to see everyone on the server in due time!...Now, here are some community guidelines.

    Nothing kills the vibe like being rude or disrespectful. If you can’t say it politely, it’s better left unsaid. 
    Whether made towards another member, volunteers, or the staff - offensive threads, personal insults, abusive comments, trolling, and hate speech, are not welcome in the community.
    This also includes posts and messages that are violent, discriminatory, hateful, pornographic, racist, extremist, sexist, or immoral.

    Harassment will not be tolerated. 

    Our community forum is a public space (like most places on the internet).
    For your safety, and the safety of others, do not post bank details, telephone numbers, emails, addresses, or other contact details.
    Images that include this information are not allowed.. posts that include images will be removed for protection.

    Excessive profanity, obscene comments, and sexually explicit posts are not allowed. 
    Using the appropriate medical or scientific term (instead of slang) is always appreciated when discussing delicate concerns of a personal nature. 
    Posts of a sexual nature with the aim of generating sexual encounters are not allowed. 

    Don't SPAM or make duplicate posts. Do not cross-post duplicate threads across multiple categories. 
    SEARCH before you post. Jump into an existing discussion instead of asking questions that may have been previously asked & answered.
    Always make an effort to post in the most appropriate category for your topic. 
    If you’re seeking more feedback on your thread, you are welcome to bump the thread every 24 hours.
    Keep your comments on topic to the original discussion (otherwise, start a thread of your own!).
    Comments off-topic can be deleted by Protocol Staff...

    You can report individual threads, comments, or members
    Use the flag/report option found in the forum on the website (on their post/comment), on a member's profile.

    [STRICTLY PROHIBITED] (aka: not allowed, ever.) 
    Violent, discriminating, pornographic, illegal, or otherwise inhuman criminal acts or call for illegal acts. 

    We also prohibit links to this type of content.

    - Links for commercial purposes (advertising for non-sources/websites).

    - Listing usernames of other members regarding an issue (or in a negative way) are not allowed. This includes posting screenshots of messages/profiles, offering to private message the username to members or otherwise insinuating a username. 
    Keep it, positive people! Instead, contact our team directly if you need help with another member by following the instructions under SEE A PROBLEM, LET US KNOW.

    - Posts pertaining to illegal drug use, or encouraging others to use illegal drugs.

    - Affiliate links, referral codes, coupons, and offers. (note: members - are - welcome to share information regarding sales or discounts for traditional retail stores, only.)

    - Links to, images of, discussions about, or recommendations for other secondhand marketplaces.

    - Links to adult sites, warez, or pirated material.

    - Any sort of DDOS threat or action should not be spoken of or done and will be treated with appropriate action. 

    [Giveaways and Contests]: 
    ProtocolGaming is not responsible for all contests that they organize; members have the responsibility to carry it to term and the support team will likely - not - intervene in the case of a problem.
    Please also be advised that a prize is considered an item "given away" and as such, feedback left for prizes received will be allowed to remain on the contest hosts profile.

    ProtocolGaming administrators and moderators reserve the right to moderate or remove (in whole or in part) a post/comment that does not relate to the topic being discussed in the forum and to organize & move topics that may be miscategorized. 
    The team may prohibit or delete discussions that are thought to violate applicable law, terms & conditions, posts that may be harmful to other members, or posts that violate these Community Guidelines. 

    1. Repeated warnings may result in your account being blocked-banned from the community forum& servers, for 1-365 days, up to an unlimited period of time.

    2. If a member violates the guidelines, the terms & conditions, and/or deliberately ignores warnings, their ProtocolGaming membership may be revoked entirely, up to an unlimited period of time. 
    We do not aim to block members intentionally, though it may be necessary if a member ignores the warnings, has repeat violations, or makes no effort to find a solution to the problem at hand. 


    There are many rules to comply with, but if you’re ever unsure, or have questions about a notice you received - reach out to the Protocol Gaming support team for your help & needs!                      - MostWantedPwnz

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